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Registered Mosques

45 registered mosques (Puducherry – 20, Karaikal – 13, Mahe – 11, Yanam - 1) as listed below in the Union Territory of Puducherry are coming under the purview of Puducherry State Wakf Board and being administered as per the Wakf Act, 1995 by Muttavalli / Executive Officer appointed by the Government. For more details about mosques, just double click the link concerned.

List of Mosques

  1. Meerapalli Mosque, Y.V. Pillai Street, Puducherry
  2. Kuthba Palli Djamia Masjid, Mulla Street, Puducherry
  3. Mohammadhia Mosque, Mulla Street, Puducherry
  4. Muvahadhia mosque, H.M.Cassime Salai, Puducherry
  5. Masjid-E-Islamia, Paikadai Sandu, J.N. Street, Puducherry
  6. Jumma Masjid @ Bhura Mosque, Sinna Subraya Pillai Street, Puducherry
  7. Ahamadhia Palli, Chanda Sahib Street, Puducherry
  8. Hazarat Syed Ahamed Moula Sahib Valiullah Dargha, Mulla Street, Puducherry
  9. Anjuman-E-Himayath Islam Madarasa, M.G. Road, Puducherry
  10. Masjid-E-Nooraniyya, Debasenpet Street, Muthialpet, Puducherry
  11. Masjid-E-Mohammadhia, Orleanpet, Puducherry
  12. Jannatuhul Firdouz mosque, Ariyankuppam, Puducherry
  13. Noor-E-Hidhayathul Islamia masjid, Airport Road, Lawspet, Puducherry
  14. Noor-E-Mohammadhia Mosque, Thattanchavady, Puducherry
  15. Mohamadhia palli, Sulthanpet, Puducherry
  16. Sultania Pallivasal, Odianpet, Villianur, Puducherry
  17. Thirukkanur mosque, Thirukkanur, Puducherry
  18. Katterikuppam mosque, Katterikuppam, Puducherry
  19. Jumma Pallivasal, Valavanur Road, Madukarai, Puducherry
  20. Mohamadhia Jumma Palli, Madukarai, Puducherry
  21. Mohideen Andavar Palli, Nallambal, Karaikal
  22. Mohideen Andavar mosque, Ambagarathur, Karaikal
  23. Mohideen Andavar mosque, Puduthurai, Karaikal
  24. Auqaf, Dargah Office, Mastan Palli Street, Karaikal
  25. Muslim Education Society, Mastan Palli Street, Karaikal
  26. Masjid-E-Hussainee, P.K.Salai, Karaikal
  27. Muslim Kamalia Sangam, Neravy, Karaikal
  28. Hazarath Syed Ali Sha Thaikkal, Mela Vanjore, karaikal
  29. Husseniyya Association, Neravy, Karaikal
  30. Mohideen Andavar Palli, Neravy, Karaikal
  31. Mohideen Abdul Kadir Jeelani mosjid, T.R.Pattinam, Karaikal
  32. Mohideen Andavar Palli, Karukkangudi, Karaikal
  33. Kadar Mohideen Rowether Madarasa, Karukkangudi, Karaikal
  34. Mangad Jum-Ath Palli, East Pallor Post, Mahe
  35. Chokli Juma Masjid, chokli, Palloor, Mahe
  36. Badriya Masjid, Near Palloor Police Station, Naluthara (via), Mahe
  37. Mohideen Palli, Parakkal, Mahe
  38. Nasurathul Islam Jama-Ath, Chalakkara, New Mahe
  39. Pooziyl Jumath Palli, Parakkal, Mahe
  40. Gramathy Palli, Palloor, Mahe
  41. Vayyil Palli @ Masjidulhuda, College Road (Near J.N. Govt. HR. Sec. School), Mahe
  42. Mahe Juma Masjid, Manjackal, Mahe
  43. New Mohideen Palli, Parakkal, Mahe
  44. Jamayath Palli @ Juma masjid, Pandakkal, Mahe
  45. Yanam mosque, Yanam

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