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Non-Purview Temples

Some public temples not coming under the purview of this Department are listed below and being administered by the local people not appointed by Government. The same is published on this website in the interest of the philanthropist /devotees

List of Temples

  1. Sri Muthuratchaga Mariamman Temple, M.G. Road, Muthialpet, Puducherry
  2. Arulmigu Sri Nagamuthu Mariamman Temple, Annai Theresa Nagar,Pudhu Saram, Puducherry
  3. Sri VanathampalayathammanTemple, Villianur Main Road, Murungapakkampet, Puducherry
  4. Sri EzhaiMuthuMariammanTemple, Ottampalayam, Mudaliarpet, Puducherry
  5. Sri Periapalayathamman Temple, Belkis Street, Muthialpet, Puducherry
  6. Sri Pillaiyar Temple, Sinna Veerampattinam, Ariankuppam Commune, Puducherry
  7. Sri Nagalingeswarar Temple,Veerampattinam, Ariankuppam Commune, Puducherry
  8. Sri Varadarajaperumal Temple, Sinna Veerampattinam, Ariankuppam Commune, Puducherry
  9. Sri Adhiparasakthi Temple, Periyar Nagar, Manaveli, Ariankuppam, Puducherry
  10. SriGengaiammanTemple, Nonankuppam, Ariankuppam Commune, Puducherry
  11. Sri Angalaparameswari Alayam, Sulliankuppam, Puducherry
  12. Sri Veda Vinayagar Alayam, Sulliankuppam, Puducherryy
  13. Sri Vadakodai Iyyanar Alayam, Sulliankuppam, Puducherry
  14. Sri Muthumariamman Temple, Koravallimedu, Puducherry
  15. Sri Kadambadi Mariamman Temple, Kattukuppam, Manapet Post, Puducherry
  16. Sri Sundara Vinayagar Temple,Thirukkuralar Nagar, Arumparthapuram, Villianur Commune, Puducherry
  17. Sri Devi Muthu Mariamman Temple, Subra mania Siva Nagar, Villianur,Puducherry
  18. Sri Gengaiamman Temple, Perungalore, Villianur Commune, Puducherry
  19. Sri Balamurugan Temple, Perungalore,Villianur Commune, Puducherry
  20. Sri Ponnu Mariamman Temple, Perungalore, Villianur Commune, Puducherry
  21. Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple, Selva Vinayagar Koil Street, Nettapakkam, Puducherry
  22. Sri Mariamman Temple, Mariamman Koil Street, Nettapakkam, Puducherry
  23. Sri Sithi Vinayagar Temple, Sooramangalam, Nettapakkam Commune, Puducherry
  24. Sri Drowbathiamman Temple, Sooramangalam,Nettapakkam Commune, Puducherry
  25. Sri Bala Dhandayuthapani Temple, Sooramangalam, Nettapakkam Commune, Puducherry
  26. Sri Mariamman Temple, Vinayagampattu, Mannadipet Commune, Puducherry
  27. Sri Muthu Mariamman Temple,Thirukanurpet, Mannadipet Commune, Puducherry
  28. Sri Selva Vinayagar, Sri Silukariamman Temple, Mailam Pathai, Silukaripalayam, Mannadipet Commune, Puducherry
  29. Sri Drowbadiamman Temple, Vinayagampattu, Mannadipet Commune, Puducherry
  30. Sri Iyyanarappan Temple, Vinayagampattu, Mannadipet Commune, Puducherry
  31. Sri Anandha Vinayagar Temple, Anandha Nagar, Kadirkamam,Puducherry
  32. Sri Mahasakthi Mariamman Temple, Mahatma Nagar, E.C.R., Puducherry
  33. Sri Subramaniaswamy Temple, Tagore Nagar, Lawspet, Oulgaret Municipality, Puducherry
  34. Sri Maha Muniswarar Temple, Marie Oulgaret, Puducherry
  35. Sri Kazhuthu Muthu Mariamman Temple, Pudu Nagar,Muthupillaipalayam, Puducherry
  36. Sri Nithiyakalyani Ammal Samedha Sri Nitheswaraswamy Temple, Nitheswaram, Karaikal
  37. Sri Sridhala Ganapathy Temple,North Street, Kottucherry P.O., Karaikal
  38. Sri Vazhiyarnaswamy Temple, Kottucherrymedu, Kottucherry P.O., Karaikal
  39. Sri Sool Mariamman Temple, North Street, Polagam, T.R. Pattinam, Karaikal
  40. Sri Nagabarna Pillaiyar Temple, Nagabarna Pillaiyar Koil Street, T.R.Pattinam,Karaikal
  41. Sri Vanmeeganathar Temple,Ponpethi, Nedungadu Commune, Karaikal
  42. Sri Perianayagiamman Temple, Koilpathu Pet, Neravy, Karaikal.
  43. Sri Azhagu Mariamman Temple, North Street, Agaramankudy, Nedungadu, Karaikal
  44. Sri Panchamuga Anjeneyar Temple, Annavasal Main Road, Nedungadu, Karaikal
  45. Sri Iyyanar Temple,Melasubburayapuram, Surakudy P.O., Thirunallar, Karaikal
  46. Sri Ananda Vinayagar Temple,Sethur P.O., Thenpidagai, Thirunallar Commune, Karaikal
  47. Sri Iyyanar Temple, Ambagarathur, Thirunallar Commune, Karaikal
  48. Sri Vazhiyaranan Temple,Melasubburayapuram, Surakudy P.O., Thirunallar, Karaikal
  49. Sri Pasupatheeswarar Temple, Melasubburayapuram, Surakudy P.O., Thirunallar, Karaikal

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