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Work allocation among the staff of Department of Hindu Religious Institutions, Puducherry State Wakf Board and Puducherry Haj Committee is displayed in the interest of the Board of Trustees/Special Officer/Executive Officer/Muttavalli and General Public

Office of the Hindu Religious Institutions

Sr. No. Name of the Officials Designation Section Work allocated Contacts E-mail
1 G.Satchidanandam Commissioner -cum- Under Secretary (Temples) - Head of Department +91-9488510868 hri[dot]pon[at]nic[dot]in
2 b. Jayanthi Superintendent-cum-Manager (Temples) - Overall in-charge +91-9087636660 / +91-413-2299563 b[dot]jayanthi[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
3 b.Ravichandran Assistant T10,T2,T3, T5 & T8

All Establishment matters, Budget, A.G. Audit, PAC and Assurance Committee matters, Assembly Questions, Wakf and Haj Committee matters, Verification of all temples budget, Matters relating to temple audit, and Disposal of petitions received through LG Portal

+91-8825697071 / +91-413-2299563 b. ravichandran[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
4 P. Thangamani Executive Officer Grade-II (on deputation) T2,T1

All Administrative matters of temples in Villianur 2. Land alienation 3. Land acquisition and issue of NOC in respect of all temples 4. To guide t9 section in all legal matters

+91-9790582161 / +91-413-2299563 p.thangamani[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
5 A. Tamilarasan Stenographer Grade - II PA to Commissioner

1. Creating and maintenance of HRI website and Confidential Reports 2.Disposal of CPGRAMS and SCPGRAMS online public grievances 3. Uploading of Progress of renovation works of temples and mosques 4. Assisting to Commissioner 5. Taking dictation 6. Disposal of IT related 7.Any other urgent works as and when assigned by the Commissioner

+91-413-2299562 a[dot]tamilarasan[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
6 R.Ilayapallavan Upper Division Clerk T5

Assisting to Establishment Section, All kinds of bills, Accounts matters, Cash, Building and office maintenance including purchase of furtnitures, Reconciliation of budget figures with DAT

+91-9751553209 / +91-413-2299563 r[dot]ilayapallavan[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
7 b.MohanKumar Upper Division Clerk -

All legal matters, Release of financial assistance under Orukala Pooja Scheme, Computerization of all temples particulars and petitions, Issue of general circular regarding temple administration, purchase and annual maintenance of computers, photocopiers and its accessories, etc.

+91-8903306811 / +91-413-2299563 mohanarun88[at]gmail[dot]com
8 P. Arul Raj Upper Division Clerk -

Maintenance of Stores, All administrative matters of temples in Mannadipet and Nettapakkam commune,

+91-7200696500 / +91-413-2299563 -
9 S.Boobathi Lower Division Clerk T6

Disposal of RTI applications, Filing of RTI quarterly returns, Monitoring of temple share, Release of financial assistance and Grant-in-aid to all temples, preparation of weekly report and maintenance of attendance and casual leave register

+91-9943420718 / +91-413-2299563 s[dot]boobathi[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
10 V. Rajasekaran Deputy Inspector of Temples T4

Inspection of temples, All Administrative matters of temples in Puducherry Municipality, Oulgaret Municipality, Ariyankuppam commune, Bahour commune, Karaikal Municiapality, Kottucherry commune, Thirunallar commune, Nedungadu commune, Neravy commune, T.R.pattinam commune and yanam region

+91-9442068724 / +91-413-2299563 v.rajasekaran[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
11 A. Vijayakumar Lower Division Clerk T9 Receipt and Despatch +91-9894530880 / +91-413-2299563 a[dot]vijayakumar[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
12 D. Jayalakshmi MTS(G) - Any work assigned by officers and officials +91-9003547304 / +91-413-2299563 d[dot]jayalakshmi[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
13 D. Sakthivel MTS(G) - Office bearer +91-8870162268 / +91-413-2299563 d[dot]sakthivel[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
14 A.b.Somu Driver Grade - I(LMV) Driver Office Driver +91-9944524382 / +91-413-2299563 -
15 T. Vijayan FTCL - Attached to Commissioner +91-9791835123 / +91-413-2299563 -

Office of the Puducherry State Wakf Board

Sr. No. Name of the Officials Designation Section Work allocated Contacts E-mail
1 G. Satchidanandam Under Secretary (Wakf) - Under Secretary to Govt. (Wakf) Cell: +91-9751308049 / +91-413-2299561 G[dot]Satchidanandam[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in and hri[dot]pon[at]nic[dot]in
2 A. Mohamed Ismail Wakf Officer W1 Head of section 98432947470413-2343268 a[dot]mhismail[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
3 R. Rajasekar Lower Division Clerk -cum-Cashier W2 All Accounts and Cash matters +91-8883199932/+91-413-2343268 gr[dot]rajasekar[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
4 M. Mohamed Abdul Zabar Marecr Wakf Inspector W3 Inspection of mosques, Darghas and Madarassa +91-9487707296/+91-413-2343268 m[dot]abdoulzabar[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
5 R. Nazeer Driver - Office driver +91-9894675995/+91-413-2343268 -
6 b.Nijar Ahamed Data Entry Opertor (on contract basis) W4 Computerization of records +91-9894302324/+91-413-2343268 b[dot]njrahamed[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
7 A. Abdul Rashith Data Entry Operator (on contract basis) W5 Maintenance of website and computerization of records +91-8680847479/+91-413-2343268 a[dot]abdulrashith[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
8 A. Suriyaa Pragash Accountant(on contract basis) - Accounts related matters +91-8807442645/+91-413-2343268 a[dot]suriyaapragash[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
9 S. Kathirvel Legal Assistant(on contract basis) - Legal matters +91-9486114054/+91-413-2343268 s[dot]kathirvel[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
10 S. Prakash Peon - Service placed at Minister (Wakf) +91-9445170569/+91-413-2343268 s[dot]prakash[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in
11 R. Muthazhagi Sanitary Assistant (Daily rated) - Cleaning work +91-413-2343268 -
12 John Basha Watchman (Daily rated) - Night Watchman work +91-413-2343268 -

Office of the Puducherry Haj Committee

Sr. No. Name of the Officials Designation Section Work allocated Contacts E-mail
1 G. Satchidanandam Under Secretary (Wakf) - Under Secretary to Govt.(Wakf) Cell: +91-9751308049 / +91-413-2299561 G[dot]Satchidanandam[dot]py[at]gov[dot]in and hri[dot]pon[at]nic[dot]in
2 A. Sulthan Abdul Kadir Executive Officer - Head of office +91-9952461077/+91-413-2343268 -
3 Nijamudin Attender H1

Inviting application from the intending muslim peolple, who are proposed to perform Haj Pilgrimage of Mecca Saudi Arabia

+91-413-2343268 -
4 Sathyaraj Daily rated - - +91-413-2343268 -
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