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Work Allocation / who's who

Work allocation among the staff of Department of Hindu Religious Institutions, Puducherry State Wakf Board and Puducherry Haj Committee is displayed in the interest of the Board of Trustees/Special Officer/Executive Officer/Muttavalli and General Public

Office of the Hindu Religious Institutions

Sl. No. Name of the Officials Designation Section Work allocated Contacts E-mail
1B. ThillaivelCommissioner -cum- Under Secretary (Temples)Head of Department9751308049 / 0413-2299561b.thillaivel.py@gov.in or hri.pon@nic.in
2B. JayanthiSuperintendent-cum-Manager (Temples)Head of section9087636660 / 0413-2299563b.jayanthi.py@gov.in
3J. RavichandranAssistantT10,T2,T3, T5 & T8

All Establishment, Accounts matters, cash and Assembly questions, Stores (All purchase and further maintenance), Building maintenance (3rd Floor), Wakf matters, Haj Committee matters, Budget & Reconciliation, A.G. Audit, PAC and Assurance committee maters, All administrative matters of temples in Mannadipet, Villianur and Nettapakkam commune, Verification of temple's budget, Monitoring of temple share and matters relating to the temple audit.

8825697071 / 0413-2299563j.ravichandran.py@gov.in
4P. ThangamaniExecutive Officer Grade-II (on deputation)T2,T1

All Administrative matters of temples in Karaikal and Yanam region 2. All legal matters 3. Land alienation and acquisition 4. Issue of NOC in respect of all temples 5. Computerization of all temples particulars 6. Disposal of all petitions 7. Issue of general circulars regarding temple administration

9790582161 / 0413-2299563p.thangamani.py@gov.in
5A. TamilarasanStenographer Grade - IIPA to Commissioner

1. Creating and maintenance of HRI website and Confidential Reports 2.Disposal of CPGRAMS and SCPGRAMS online public grievances 3. Uploading of Progress of renovation works of temples and mosques 4. Assisting to Commissioner 5. Taking dictation 6. Disposal of IT related 7.Any other urgent works as and when assigned by the Commissioner

6R.IlayapallavanUpper Division ClerkT6

Release of Oru Kala Pooja Scheme in respect of all temples in the U.T. of Puducherry

7B. MohanKumarUpper Division Clerk

Information Directory of all temples

8S.BoobathiLower Division ClerkT6

1. Disposal of RTI, first appeal, second appeal and filing of RTI quarterly returns on the CIC website 2. Financial assistance to non-purview temples 3. Grant-in-aid to purview temples

9943420718 / 0413-2299563s.boobathi.py@gov.inM
9V. RajasekaranDeputy Inspector of TemplesT4

All Administrative matters of temples in Puducherry, Bahour and Oulgaret commune

10A. VijayakumarLower Division ClerkT9Receipt and Despatch9894530880/0413-2299563a.vijayakumar.py@gov.in
11D. JayalakshmiMTS(G)Any work assigned by officers and officials9003547304/0413-2299563d.jayalakshmi.py@gov.in
12D. SakthivelMTS(G)Office bearer8870162268/0413-2299563d.sakthivel.py@gov.in
13A.J. SomuDriver Grade - I(LMV)DriverOffice Driver9944524382 / 0413-2299563
14T. VijayanFTCLAttached to Commissioner9791835123/0413-2299563

Office of the Puducherry State Wakf Board

Sl. No. Name of the Officials Designation Section Work allocated Contacts E-mail
1B. ThillaivelUnder Secretary (Wakf)Cell: 9751308049 / 0413-2299561b.thillaivel.py@gov.in and hri.pon@nic.in
2Chief Executive Officer-cum-Secretary (Wakf)Head of office0413-2343268
3A. Mohamed IsmailWakf InspectorW1Court case98432947470413-2343268a.mhismail.py@gov.in
4R. RajasekarLower Division Clerk -cum-CashierW2All Accounts and Cash matters8883199932/0413-2343268gr.rajasekar.py@gov.in
5M. Mohamed Abdul Zabar MarecrWakf InspectorW3Inspection of mosques, Darghas and Madarassa9487707296/0413-2343268m.abdoulzabar.py@gov.in
6R. NazeerDriverOffice driver9894675995/0413-2343268
7J. Nijar AhamedData Entry Opertor (Consolidated)W4Computerization of records9894302324/0413-2343268j.njrahamed.py@gov.in
8A. Abdul RashithData Entry Operator (Consolidated)W5Maintenance of website and computerization of records8680847479/0413-2343268a.abdulrashith.py@gov.in
9A. Suriyaa PragashAccountant(contract)Accounts related matters8807442645/0413-2343268a.suriyaapragash.py@gov.in
10S. KathirvelLegal Assistant(contract)Legal matters9486114054/0413-2343268s.kathirvel.py@gov.in
11S. PrakashPeonService placed at Minister (Wakf)9445170569/0413-2343268s.prakash.py@gov.in
12R. MuthazhagiSanitary Assistant (Daily rated)Cleaning work0413-2343268
13John BashaWatchman (Daily rated)Night Watchman work0413-2343268

Office of the Puducherry Haj Committee

Sl. No. Name of the Officials Designation Section Work allocated Contacts E-mail
1B. ThillaivelUnder Secretary (Wakf & Haji)Administrative OfficerCell: 9751308049 / 0413-2299561b.thillaivel.py@gov.in and hri.pon@nic.in
2Executive Officer(Haji Committee)Head of office9952461077/0413-2343268

Inviting application from the intending muslim peolple, who are proposed to perform Haj Pilgrimage of Mecca Saudi Arabia

4SathyarajDaily rated0413-2343268

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